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Find your style

It is important for each person to have their own style, as this is a way of self-expression.

Style has nothing to do with fashion.

Fashion ends quickly, but the style remains forever!


Pirkl - online fashion center

Every year the number of people who discover all the delights of virtual shopping and stop shopping is increasing. Buying via the Internet is convenient in every sense, branded clothing is presented in the photo in the smallest detail. You don't need to spend a lot of time looking for new fashionable things, or spending your weekend shopping. All you have to do is go to our online fashion center and place your order. This is the fastest and easiest way to buy a stylish original from a famous brand.

We know how precious every minute is to you and how important it is to keep up with trends. That is why we regularly update the catalog by adding branded products from the latest fashion collections. Pirkl has high quality multi-brand clothing that does not need advertising. Moreover, it is available to the majority. Selling at competitive prices is about us! You can easily update your wardrobe in half an hour by choosing ultra-fashionable branded clothes that are not easy to find in Ukraine. Pirkl is a guide to the world of style and fashion. Here you will dress beautifully, comfortably and profitably!

Best for people with a good sense of style

The Pirkl online store for branded clothing and footwear is the ideal place for online shopping. The catalog is regularly updated, new items from well-known brands appear, and past collections are sent for sale. You will be able to buy original clothes, accessories or a pair of branded shoes from a talented world-class designer. We did our best to make the best products of popular brands from the USA, Europe, Asia available to Ukrainians. Each season - new unique collections from hundreds of famous names in the fashion industry. Requests will be satisfied, the purchase will leave a pleasant emotional mark.

The most important thing is that all branded clothing and footwear are original! Goods come from factories and fashion houses, bypassing intermediaries. Well-known luxury clothing labels are not just names, but a confirmation of quality. There are also budget positions from firms that are well known and loved but do not place a high value on their products. Regardless of the price tag, branded clothing looks expensive and catches the interested glances of others. Create stylish looks, be the center of attention!

The main criteria for the selection of branded items for the Pirkl assortment are: refined unique design, quality of tailoring and materials, aesthetics. The price does not apply to them. Demanding people are willing to pay for quality, name, unique design and great tailoring. The site has expensive clothes and those that are available to many Ukrainians. It will be possible to select branded goods for the most selective requests and standard requirements.

From classics to trends

Sometimes you want something new, and sometimes you just want to be yourself. Any desires are easy to fulfill with the help of branded clothing. See the Pirkl catalog, place an order for items that match your own style or for branded products of an unusual cut and interesting design. Create classic, sporty, modern and casual looks. Sale of products from the latest collections from Bugatti, Armani EA7, Falke, Emporio Armani and other brands - all year round. The assortment is updated, hot summer collections are replaced by warm autumn ones, followed by cozy winter and playful spring novelties.

Experiment, alternate conservative looks with a modern look. Sometimes our clients dress in the best traditions of the classic style, and sometimes they look bright and shocking. There is a branded women's and men's clothing for everyone! You will be able to keep track of the changing fashion with the whole family and remain yourself. We recommend ordering branded laconic basic things that will become helpers in everyday life and bright clothes for festive events. Creating a flawless outfit is a simple task when you can buy original brands online.

Revealing the secret of perfect reflection in the mirror

Actual basic clothing and footwear is not enough to create a complete look. Small details are needed. Fashion experts bring boring looks to life with accessories. Sometimes a bag is enough, and sometimes you can't do without an exquisite decoration. Stylish branded accessories are also available in our online store. This is what is needed for people with a good sense of style and good taste.

Advantageous shopping at Pirkl

To buy an original branded item, you need to place an order on our website, find a company store in the city, or purchase goods directly on official sites. The first option is the most correct decision for the following reasons: clothes are in stock, you do not need to wait for them for weeks; no customs duties; sending across Ukraine within a few days.

In retail stores, the cost is higher, and the conditions and price of delivery from the official sites cannot be called comfortable. Choose us, do not waste a lot of time looking for new products from famous designers on the Internet. The assortment is conveniently categorized. There are sections of clothing for women and men, popular and premium brands. Separately collected bags, promotional items, shoes and new items. We will send branded goods to Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, all large and small settlements of Ukraine.

Permanent promotions and sales

Fashion cannot be stopped, trends change along with it. Over time, trendy clothes become irrelevant, they are replaced by new items created according to the latest trends. We strictly monitor the content of the site, we are selling last year's positions. Discounts reach 70%. There are also promotions with reduced prices. Branded clothes are obscenely expensive - this is a myth! Dress up in your favorite brands, thanks to discounts they have become generally available.
Shopping for clothes and brand shoes at Pirkl is addictive, join the number of regular customers! One successful order will give you an understanding that real shopping takes tens of times more energy, time and effort. Dress fashionably, stylishly and comfortably at the same time, after receiving the clothes, make the payment and start creating exclusive looks.

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