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Privacy policy

Cookies and Privacy Policy

Like most online resources, we use cookies on our website in order to provide users with maximum convenience. While on this website, you accept the use of cookies described on this page.

About cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can send to your computer’s browser to store information. We use cookies to determine which of our pages are visited and how often. Using cookies, we want to make our website more convenient and improve your service when you visit our website again. Cookies allow you, for example, to save a password, so you don’t have to enter it every time you enter our site. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you are not required to accept cookies. You can turn off cookies by clicking on the “Help” button in your browser, or follow the information supplied with the software. Your service on our website will be better if you have cookies enabled. If you do not disable cookies, you agree that we collect and store some of your personal information that is contained in cookies.

Cookies can be eternal (they are called persistent cookies) and stored on your computer until you delete them, or temporary (such cookies are called session cookies), that is, they remain only until the browser is closed. In addition, cookies are divided into basic (they are set by the directly visited site) and third-party (set by other sites).

Information we do not collect

The financial information provided by you when making payments for any type of Services, such as a credit card number, the bank that services you, is collected and processed by the respective payment companies. We do not receive such financial information about you.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve the performance of sites, more efficiently navigate pages, remember settings and facilitate user interaction.

Used cookies and their purpose

Below is a classification of cookies used by our site (in accordance with the guidelines for cookies compiled by the International Chamber of Commerce):

Strictly required cookies:

These cookies are required to navigate the site and use the requested services — for example, to access secure pages.

This type of cookie is used during user registration and login. Without them, the services requested by the user become unavailable. These cookies are basic and can be either permanent or temporary. In other words, without these cookies, our sites do not work properly.

Operational cookies:

These cookies collect information about the use of the site - for example, the most frequently visited pages. These files do not receive personal information of specific visitors. All information collected by these cookies is statistical and anonymous.

The purpose of using these cookies:

- obtaining statistics on the use of sites;

- evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

These cookies are permanent and temporary, and can also apply to both primary and third-party cookies. They collect anonymous information about visiting pages and viewing ads.

Functional cookies:

Thanks to these cookies, the information you provide (such as your username, language, or country of residence) is memorized, which expands the capabilities of certain functions and makes them more personalized. In addition, these cookies are used to provide the services you request, such as watching videos or commenting on a blog. These files use anonymous information and do not track your actions on other sites.

The purpose of using these cookies:

- remembering information about whether any service was provided to you earlier;

- improving the quality of interaction with the site as a whole by memorizing the selected preferences.

These cookies are permanent and temporary, and can also apply to both primary and third-party cookies. They remember the information you provide, increasing the efficiency of interaction with the site.

Promotional cookies:

These cookies are used to limit the number of views of advertising by the user, as well as to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Advertising cookies are used to manage promotional materials on the site.

Advertising cookies are placed by third parties - for example, advertisers and their agents. They can be both permanent and temporary. Thus, these files are associated with advertising on the site provided by third-party companies.

Other third-party cookies

Some pages of our site contain materials from services such as YouTube and Facebook. Please note that we cannot influence the cookies used by these services. More information about them can be found by visiting the relevant third-party site.

Manage cookies and delete them

You can block or delete cookies and limit their actions in the settings of your browser. Necessary for this action in different browsers may vary. To get instructions for your browser, click on one of the links below.

Internet Explorer




Google chrome






Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)


If your browser is not in the list above, use the help function in your browser for instructions.

In addition, additional information about managing cookies and deleting them in different browsers can be found at https://www.aboutcookies.org.

Please note that certain pages on our site are only available when using cookies. Disabling cookies may result in restricted access to our materials and the inadequate operation of sites.

To learn how to manage cookies in a mobile browser, see the instructions for that device.

If visitors to this site do not prohibit the use of cookies and similar Internet technologies, they thereby consent to the use of these technologies in order to collect and process information.

We are recommending you to use more newer version of browser