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Prepayment, calculation of the repurchase percentage, when it arises and why

We strive to maximize the quantity and range of products for customers. When the product is in transit, other customers cannot order it. Foreclosure percentage accounting was introduced in order to help the buyer more carefully and meaningfully relate to the formation of the order and the selection of things. And also, which is not unimportant, to help save on the costs associated with the delivery of the desired things. This will help to eliminate the "extra" products in the order. And increase the pleasure of making the right purchases on the Pirkl website. For our part, we promise that our consultants will help you choose the perfect look and make the shopping process as comfortable as possible.


What is the buyback percentage?

Redemption percentage - the number of redeemed orders of the total number of orders.


How do I increase my buyback percentage?

It is enough to take a few simple steps, but otherwise we will help you.


• Use the size chart

• Explore product information: photos, composition, reviews

• Use the advice of our specialists at (099) 371-55-97, (050) 765-86-05,

from 10:00 to 18:00, Viber, with the forms “Question about the product”, “Question / answer” to get advice on any product


What happens when the buyback percentage drops below 30%?

When the buyback percentage is reduced to 30% or lower, an automatic restriction on order formation takes effect.

What does “order formation restriction” mean?

Due to the low percentage of buyback, at the stage of transferring an order to the “Formation” status, the system prevents this process from going through. The “Formation” status is the stage at which the TTN is formed for sending the order. To complete the process of filling out an application for sending an order, the system requests an advance payment of 200 uah.


What will happen to the prepayment made?

- An amount of 200 uah will be included in the payment of the order upon receipt and full redemption of the order.

- In case of cancellation of the order, after the formed order has been sent. An amount of 200 uah will be used to compensate for the costs of the company associated with the payment of transport costs for the delivery of the order and the return of the order back to the store.

- If the order has not yet been sent to the transport company (New Mail). In this case, the advance payment will be returned to the client by crediting funds to his bank card. Money is credited to the card at the expense of the card holder, according to the tariffs set by the issuer bank.


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