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Colors . What is fashionable in the new season and why

Colors . What is fashionable in the new season and why

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute - the world's most famous expert in colors and shades - chooses the main color of the year. After the New York Fashion Week, Pantone presented the trend colors of the spring-summer 2019 season. Fourteen bold, inspirational shades and four more neutral base colors, which seem to “glue” everything together, will bring a creative spark into the wardrobes of everyone who is not indifferent to fashion.

Which one will soon become your favorite?

Fiesta - the color is warm, exciting and juicy, like a real holiday. This is pure energy and passion, with a slight sexual overtones. Fiesta-colored clothes will surely attract the attention of others.

Wine Jester Red - deep and rich, this cool shade embodies the elegance and sustained urban chic.

Turmeric: Spring and the color of Pantone's Turmeric were supposed to be made for each other. Spice, like spring, is the source of life, its embodiment. It is warm, bright and evoking thoughts about the hot sun. It is quite exotic and extravagant - not everyone can afford this color.

Living Coral is a life-affirming shade of orange and gold. But at the same time, it is soft and unobtrusive, which means that clothes made in this color will not bother you soon. According to experts, Living Coral embodies optimism, sensuality and energy.

Several theatrical Pink Peacock again beats “fiery” colors, but already in violet-pink shades. It will easily fit into both men's and women's wardrobe, and will attract a lot of attention. In the pink color there is something fun, which we sometimes lack in everyday life.

Pepper Stem - this piquant color will remind you of the awakened nature: rich fields and green pastures. It is not as bright as some of the other selected Pantone colors, so it ideally dilutes the “fiery” colors of the palette, playing on the contrast.

Aspen Gold is gold with a slight bitterness. This color casts thoughts about the approach of autumn. But do not be upset by the end of summer, because autumn can also give you really warm and joyful days.

Princess Blue - dark blue, with a faint glitter, sparkling and just radiating royal power. That is why it is often chosen by members of the royal family - Kate Middleton and Megan Markle. And who has not dreamed of having royal power? This cold noble shade looks even defiantly against the background of the other "natural" colors of the palette. And the depth of this color vaguely resembles the play of sapphires and diamonds.

Looking at the color of Toffee immediately feel the combination of chocolate and coffee, you catch the light aroma of wood. This color matches perfectly with Pepper Stem.

The name Mango Mojito immediately gives us an understanding of where you can go, wearing this color - of course at a fun summer cocktail party.

Terrarium Moss is not as bright as the other main colors of the upcoming season, but at the same time - the most intriguing. Another "natural" color from the palette. Calm and mysterious, it resembles the foliage of trees awakening after winter and the grass of meadows.

Gentle and sweet Sweet Lilac resembles cotton candy and a carefree childhood. Color will give your look the gentle softness of a happy spring day.

Pressed Rose is a milder alternative to Sweet Lilac. Pastel pink that inspires romance and sentimentality.

Much brighter than Aspen Gold, with a piquant neon shade, Lemon Verbena became the most popular shade of yellow at London Fashion Week. Sunny, energetic and cheerful, he reminds us of summer vacation and endless youth.

A wardrobe “for all occasions” cannot be assembled without basic colors. Even in summer, calm pastel shades come in handy: you can dilute a bright image with them and play on the contrast. Or just take a break from the riot of rich colors.

The soft and soft beige shade of Soybean has earned recognition for its versatility: it will look good both as a complementary color and as an independent basis for the composition.

Eclipse - dark and saturated blue looks like the night sky after a summer thunderstorm. Mysterious and mysterious, he evokes thoughts of the eternal.

Sweet Corn - creamy shade with a barely perceptible buttery "taste", more like a sweet and delicate dessert. This color has become a new white - its interesting unusual variation.

Brown Granite is a classic “timeless” brown shade. Universal color that is suitable for city streets and strict offices.

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